LibreOffice Conference 2022 影片:在地化、Writer、Calc、Sparklines、Web Assembly 等

Jeff Huang 發表於 週五, 10/28/2022 - 19:48

看看最近的 LibreOffice Conference 2022 的下一批演講!看看下面的各個影片,或點擊此處查看播放清單。

State of Korea in LibreOffice and promoting future plans,演講者為 DaeHyun Sung


Using resolution independent positions for writer’s screen-rendering of text,演講者為 Caolán McNamara


Content controls in Writer,演講者為 Miklos Vajna


Improving Structured Document Text (SDT) support in Writer,演講者為 Vasily Melenchuk


Improving LibreOffice Calc,演講者為 Balázs Varga


Sparklines and chart data tables – new features in Calc,演講者為 Tomaž Vajngerl


Reducing Build Time (2022),演講者為 Luboš Luňák


News from the WASM front – Calc and headless operations,演講者為 Thorsten Behrens 與 Balázs Varga

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