LibreOffice Conference 2022 影片:文件即服務、ScriptForge、美術字、OpenDocument、Writer 等

Jeff Huang 發表於 四, 11/03/2022 - 21:20

這裡又有新一批的 LibreOffice Conference 2022 的演講!看看下面的各個影片,或是點擊此處檢視播放清單。

An introduction to the “Documents as a Service” project,演講者為 Marco Marinello


Is ScriptForge really a scam? 演講者為 Jean-Pierre Ledure


Introduction to the feature “limo-stretch” of shapes,演講者為 Regina Henschel


Creating “Fontwork” geometries beyond the predefined shapes,演講者為 Regina Henschel


News from the TDF OpenDocument Format Toolkit,演講者為 Svante Schubert


Push LibreOffice Writer to its limits, and see how it behaves,演講者為 Gabriele Ponzo

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